Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a house from?

You can purchase a house directly from us which will have the delivery included in the price. Most often these buildings are situated in our yard in Taupo, get in contact with us to view.

You can also have a look on our website to see all the buildings for sale.

You may know of someone who is selling a house for removal privately, in which case we are more than happy to price for the relocation portion only. When buying privately, establish with the vendor who is obtaining the demolition consent allowing the house to be removed, which is required by some councils (especially if in heritage areas), who is responsible for disconnecting the services (power, sewer, water, phone, gas, etc), who is providing egress from the site, eg. Removing trees and fences and also who is clearing the site after the house is gone. Also find out when the house must be gone from the site and that you have enough time to get consents. If not the house might have to come via our yard.

When choosing a building removal company, make sure you select a well-established firm with a good reputation. Ask around, chances are someone you know will be able to recommend a company.

Do I need council approval?

Yes you will need to engage the local council and obtain a building consent for this work.

What does it cost to shift a house?

We can give you a quote free of charge. If you are just wanting an estimate we can probably give you an idea over the phone. The more information you are able to provide, the more accurate we can be. If you are able to get answers to the following questions it is helpful:

  • Dimensions of the building - width (at the base and overall including eaves), length and overall height (floor plan is even better)
  • Type of wall cladding (eg. weatherboard, Hardiplank, brick, etc) and roofing (corrugated iron – long run or 2 piece, decramastic tile or concrete or clay tile)
  • Internal stud height (eg. 2.4 metres = 8 feet)
  • Age
  • Chimneys or extra concrete work (eg. porches, concrete floors, etc)
  • Number of piles if you can see them (size of joists & bearers if possible)
  • Is the existing site flat or sloping
  • Is there good egress from the site (eg. are there trees that can't be trimmed, power poles, down a ROW, etc)
  • Is the proposed site flat or sloping
  • Is there good access to the proposed site (eg. are there trees that can't be trimmed, power poles, down a ROW, etc)
  • Is the ground at the new site good bearing (eg. not peat, swampy, filled-in gully, etc)

A single small rectangle house that is of light weight cladding with a low pitch iron roof on a flat site will cost less to relocate and pile out than a large villa that will need cutting and then rejoining with high ceilings and high stud concrete tiled roof.

What is included in the contract?

We will give you a written quotation which will outline what we will do and what are your responsibilities.

Our quotes (unless requested otherwise – we're happy to do as little or as much as you would like) include for preparatory work (such as demolishing the chimney, freeing the house from concrete porches, etc), the shift of the house to the new site, transportation permits from the various authorities (eg. Telecom, Power Authorities, Rail, LTSA, etc) (not to be confused with council building consents), new standard foundations.

Full terms and conditions are sent out in our Quotations and Contracts.

When can you shift my house?

We can shift your house as soon as you have the relevant council consents, contract signed, returned and deposit paid we can then book you into the next suitable spot.

When do I have to pay?

If you are purchasing a used building from us, a 50% deposit is initially required to secure the building. If you have land already and intend to continue immediately with the project, another 25% due 14 days prior to relocation and final 25% due 5 days after relocation.

If you are still in the process of purchasing land, or waiting for titles or just not quite ready to proceed with the relocation, a further 25% will then be due and then the building can remain in Taupo House Removals Yard, a storage fee of $45.00 plus GST per week will come into effect. (The building can be stored in Taupo House Removals Yard for up to 52 weeks). Balance 25% of Contract due 14 days prior to relocation.

If it is a relocation of your own building 50% deposit required on signing of Contract and 50% required 5 days after relocation.

Can I shift the building on to a sloping site or basement?

Yes. Obviously this will be more expensive than a dead flat site, but it can still be done. A building can also be placed on longer piles for a basement or on to full height wall framing (provided by yourselves).

I just want to shift the house on the same site so I can subdivide – do you do this?

Yes, no problem. With land values increasing all the time, it is often worth shifting the house on the site to make way for subdivision, a driveway or just because it was built the wrong way around not facing the sun! We have even shifted buildings as little as 300mm just to make it comply for subdivision. Buildings can also be turned say 90 degrees if this helps and assuming there is enough room on the site. Remember to allow for extending your services, building consent (resource consent generally not required except for the actual subdivision process), new baseboards and patching the chimney hole, etc.

Do you do repiling?

Yes. You may have an old villa on original totara piles which is sinking. Before you start renovating, it is best to get the foundations in order which could save thousands of dollars in the long term. We demolish the chimney and free the house from concrete porches, etc, then lift it, remove the old piles and replace with new foundations. You may wish the house to be at a higher level for views or simply to allow more ventilation and crawl space underneath. We can also lift for a basement.

Do you buy houses for removal?

Yes. If you have a house for sale for removal, it is helpful if you are able to email or post us a photo and sketch plan if possible. We can give you an estimated price or visit the house in question and make you a written offer.

What if I have other questions?

Please feel free to call us if you have any further questions or if you would like an estimate. Either ring, fax, email or call in in person and have a chat to one of our team – we're all friendly! Click here to Contact us for details.

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