Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a house from?

You can purchase a house directly from us which will have the delivery included in the price. Most often these buildings are situated in our yard in Taupo, get in contact with us to view.

You can also have a look on our website to see all the buildings for sale.

You may know of someone who is selling a house for removal privately, in which case we are more than happy to price for the relocation portion only. When buying privately, establish with the vendor who is obtaining the demolition consent allowing the house to be removed, which is required by some councils (especially if in heritage areas), who is responsible for disconnecting the services (power, sewer, water, phone, gas, etc), who is providing egress from the site, eg. Removing trees and fences and also who is clearing the site after the house is gone. Also find out when the house must be gone from the site and that you have enough time to get consents. If not the house might have to come via our yard.

When choosing a building removal company, make sure you select a well-established firm with a good reputation. Ask around, chances are someone you know will be able to recommend a company.

Do I need council approval?
What does it cost to shift a house?
What is included in the contract?
When can you shift my house?
When do I have to pay?
Can I shift the building on to a sloping site or basement?
I just want to shift the house on the same site so I can subdivide – do you do this?
Do you do repiling?
Do you buy houses for removal?
What if I have other questions?

Contact Us to sell, move or buy a house

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Taupo House Removals was purchased in 2004 by Chris Walker who has had over 40 years in the transport industry within New Zealand, the last 10 years specialising in House/Building Relocation predominantly in the Central North Island although have taken a house up to Kerikeri in the far north in the past.

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